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Benefits: Cyber Monday and Black Friday

It's nearly American Thanksgiving, which means that the largest shopping days of the year will soon follow. IBM reports no less than a 20% surge in sales for 2012, a 5% savings for the average store item and a total bill of some $ billion in spending. For the best deals, which spending holiday suits your budget better: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 
Charge deals: possibly passe Convincing customers to sign up for a charge card is one of the long-standing features of Black Friday, where a retailer who has thousands of customers lined up at the gate offers a savings or rebate on a total purchase if they agree to register for a credit card. This Black Friday tradition may go the way of the dodo, since the National Retail Federation reports that only three in 10 shoppers charge their purchases.
Splurging vs. scrimping Whenever you want to avoid knee-jerk buying and stick to your shopping list, the decision speaks for itself: impulse buying on Black Friday vastly outranks the level of snap purchases on Cyber Monday. The proximity to so many deals and the ability to hold potential purchases in your hands makes many buyers whip out their wallets more often on Black Friday than they would on Cyber Monday. 
E-door deals The newspapers that go out prior to Black Friday tend to be filled with ads, while broadcast channels feature commercials for shopping deals. Conventional Black Friday print ads have been losing ground to Cyber Monday e-marketing. Retailers have been creating e-coupons and e-flyers showcasing door deals that the first customers can capitalize on. Door deals offer some of the greatest savings in all of the holiday shopping, such as coffee makers for only $5, for those who get to retail stores early. 
Faster e-checkouts If you're a veteran of eBay or Craigslist, you may have a PayPal account. If not, pick one up and put some green in it for Cyber Monday, since you'll get deals much faster than you would by manually inserting credit card information with every payment. PayPal lets you use your email address as a complete form of payment, skipping over 16-digit numbers and verification codes to get the best online deals in limited windows of opportunity.


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