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Save money on bling


Obviously jewelry isn’t something we need, but it’s something most of us want. Jewelry can be a great way to dress up a boring outfit or add a special something to your work suit. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your bling budget.
Opt for less expensive metals Gold prices have skyrocketed over the years. Platinum isn’t cheap either. Silver is certainly less expensive than gold, but people worry that it won’t wear as well. However you can keep your silver jewelry looking new. Use silver cleaner and a polishing cloth to prevent tarnish and avoid exposing silver jewelry to harsh chemicals such as perfume. Stainless steel jewelry resembles platinum but is affordable. Titanium is another alternative metal that has gained popularity. One downside to alternative metals is that they can’t be altered. Although sizing a ring won’t be an option, they’re more affordable so you could buy a new one if your ring size fluctuates over the years. These alternative metals are easy to care for and they’re great for people who need jewelry that won’t scratch or break.
Choose less expensive gemstones Most people won’t ever be able to tell the difference if you opt for less expensive stones, such as lab created emeralds. This is especially true if you purchase jewelry with small stones. To the untrained eye, a 2mm cubic zirconia looks similar to a diamond. Whether you’re wearing earrings or a ring set with imitation alexandrite, you’ll save a lot of money and most people will never be the wiser.
Shop around Local jewelry stores often offer excellent customer service but you’re going to pay more for personalized attention. If you’re looking for a good deal on a quality piece, don’t be afraid to shop at the big box stores and also be willing to shop online. There are many reputable jewelry stores who sell directly to customers, saving you money over brick and mortar stores.
Look for holiday sales The holiday season often means many jewelry stores offer deep discounts on necklaces, earrings and watches. Most jewelry stores offer something to fit any budget.
Spend more on pieces you will wear often Whether you’re going to a special occasion such as a wedding or you want diamond earrings to match that LBD, these expensive pieces often get worn the least despite the fact that they cost the most. Spend more money on the jewelry that you’ll wear often. Look for traditional pieces, such as a pearl necklace, which can worn with a number of things.
Look for used jewelry Pawnshops and thrift stores often contain a lot of unique fine and fashion jewelry with a much lower price. Second hand jewelry sometimes needs a little TLC to get it spruced up. A few simple repairs such as a new clasp can often breathe new life into old jewelry.
About the Author: Amy Morin works as a psychotherapist and college psychology instructor. She also writes on a variety of topics including small business, finance and parenting. She sells jewelry on Amazon and eBay.

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Investing in artisanal jewelry can be a wise choice. These unique pieces not only enhance your style but also hold sentimental and artistic value, making them valuable assets.

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