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Focus on savings

Like so many other things, eyewear has become expensive. Whether it's glasses or contacts, you're going to be shelling out some big bucks. See the following tips so you can see well  and have money left in your wallet.
Before anything, check into your health insurance or flex plan and see how much they will cover, from the doctor visit to the corrective eyewear. Usually health plans will cover some - most buyers are left with at least a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket. Sometimes different retailers will play with your benefits differently, so it's worth checking it out with each retailer you are considering. There's usually a large difference between out-of-network or in-network providers, so look into those in-network ones first.
Shop around You need to get your exam and prescription from your eye doctor, but that doesn't mean you have to buy the eyewear. Other places - such as the Internet -  may have not only better selections, but also better prices.
Check for promotions, coupons and discounts Look on the retailer's website for any promotions. Or if you've forgotten to do so, ask while you are there. Many retailers will allow you the discount even without the hard copy of the coupon.
Decide which is more important, selection or price You can go to Costco if you're a member not only for your glasses but also for your exam. You can get a great deal on a pair of eyeglasses, but you might be sacrificing selection and perhaps style.
Don't be afraid to ask if your favorite retailer will consider price matching. It never hurts to ask, and with retailers wanting your business, they may offer to.
Contact lenses are a bit of a different story, because once you have your prescription and know what kind you want, you can order online. With glasses, you need to try them on, but with contacts, you can shop around online for big savings.
Here are some tips that pertain to contact lenses:
Check shipping and handling Though the price may be nice, some sites will get you with S + H. Free shipping is always good! Consider buying a larger supply, like a year's worth, to save on shipping costs.
Think about the kind you are getting Two-week disposables are more cost effective than daily disposables. You can save more with traditional, reusable lenses, but you also need what works best for you.
Ask your eye doctor for samples of solution, even if you're not buying the contacts from the doctor.

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