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Drive off with rental savings

Planning is the key to reduced travel costs. While it is important to look for cheap flights and hotels, you should also try to save on car rental, which has become more expensive and can significantly increase the overall cost of your trip.  Here are a number of ways to keep car rental costs down.
Rent from lesser-known companies Lesser-known car rental agencies have lower operating and marketing costs.  As such, they are able to offer rates that are 15 to 30% lower than those of big national chains.
Use blind booking websites Booking a rental car through a blind booking website can also cut your car rental cost substantially, sometimes up to 40%. The disadvantage of using a blind booking website is that you need to prepay in full and pay a penalty if you decide to cancel.
Avoid renting at the airport You have to pay higher fees and taxes, which can raise the total cost of your car rental by 10 to 30% plus. Save money by taking the shuttle to your hotel and renting from a nearby car rental office.
Skip the insurance Car rental companies will usually try to convince you to purchase rental insurance. Before you agree to the extra charges, call your auto insurance company to find out whether or not your policy covers car rentals.
About the Author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who provides helpful tips on a wide range of subjects, from getting the best car rental deals to finding cheap hotels in Las Vegas.


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