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Adding an extra bedroom

Between the contractor and the supplies, adding a room to your home can quickly become a budget buster. The following tips will help you add an extra bedroom to your house, inexpensively, without sacrificing quality.
 Collect bids There are plenty of contractors on the market and you should get as many bids for the job you can.  A minimum of three bids is suggested, but why stop there? The more contractor bids you're armed with, the better your chances are of finding the best contractor at the best price. Mention that you're shopping around - contractors always offer competitive pricing. 
Find the right size The bigger the addition, the more it's going to cost you in terms of labour and supplies
Purchase materials wholesale Whether you're an expert in the DIY department or you're hiring a professional contractor, buying the supplies yourself could save you money. Most contractors are only looking to get the job done and aren't on the hunt for savings. If you find the materials yourself at wholesale, overstock, discontinued or discounted pricing, you'll cut the cost in half. 
Talk to a realtor Different home renovations result in different returns on investment. The size, location, and design of a room addition could be the difference between a loss and a profit when you decide to sell. It’s important to ask a realtor what the best bedroom addition is in terms of an investment. Realtors know how additional square footage affects home values as well as what not to do in terms of bedroom location and function.
Consider prefab Prefabricated home additions are growing in popularity. The contractor measures out exactly what you want then builds the addition at the factory while your house is being prepped for the new addition.  When the prefab room is complete, it's delivered and attached to your home. The whole process takes a third of the time of a regular home addition, which saves you a significant amount of money in terms of labour.
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