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Tips to save on your next fridge!

You will probably have to buy a few refrigerators throughout your life so learning how to find the best price can save you money down the line. When shopping for a refrigerator, remember that the initial cost is only part of what you will spend. The maintenance and running costs of a fridge should be considered as well.  Here are five tips for saving money on your next refrigerator:
Choose a well-known brand This may seem a little bit counter intuitive, but saving a few dollars by purchasing the cheapest appliance on the market can come back to haunt you when trying to find replacement parts. Purchasing from a well-known company guarantees that you will be covered throughout the lifetime of your refrigerator. Most of the main companies also offer warranties for additional value.
Check the energy rating Find a refrigerator with a good energy rating - how much electricity it will take to run and how much it will add to your utilities bill. Since refrigerators are on 24 hours, seven days a week, a good energy rating can save hundreds of dollars a year.  When you compare that with the price difference on the up front payment, a good energy rating is worth the investment.
Browse in store, buy online Once you have picked out a few models in the store that you think would fit nicely, head home and look up the model numbers online to see whether there are any applicable discounts. By purchasing big ticket appliances online you can save up to 50% even after you include shipping and handling.
Negotiate Often employees are allowed some freedom to make a sale on appliances - even in big name department stores. If you find that they can't reduce the price try to add extra value to your purchase by getting them to throw in commonly replaced parts to the package.
Shop before summer hits New refrigerator models hit stores in the summer. This means that stores are looking to unload last year’s models before they bring in the new appliances. This is the best time to work out the best deal when shopping for one of the older models. You can often get a refrigerator with almost the same specs as new models for less.
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