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Lunchbox ideas: go bento!

Anyone who eats sushi knows that bento boxes are typically a box of little compartments filled with different foods - that is seriously a fun way to eat lunch. "Bento" originates from the Southern Song Dynasty slang term 便當 (pinyin: biàndāng), meaning "convenient" or "convenience, and its emerged as a sort of art form in the guise of kids' lunches. 
With this you can go super simple or very elabourate. What helps (besides, let's face it, spare time) are cute cookie cutter shapes -  hearts, birds, test tubes, stars, to help build your sandwiches. Cut the bread into shapes, or slices of kiwis or layers of cheese, for example. They look pretty and charming. Ideas for sides in the bento are: a few blueberries, strawberries cut in slices (more hearts), slices of cucumber that has been partially peeled and placed just so, veggies cut into slices (carrots, celery, jicama). Little meatballs or falafels sliced in half with a slice of cheese in the middle on a toothpick, short fruit skewers... the options are limitless. 
Benefits: nutritious food that you know your kids will eat. Downside? You may run the risk that your kids may never eat a regular lunch again. 


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