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Kitchen reno on a budget

If you're looking to expand your kitchen, there are many ways to do so on a budget.  A few small changes to a renovation can make the difference between thousands of dollars.
Plan ahead When plans aren't well thought out in advance, expensive adjustments may be necessary. For example, many homeowners don't make final decisions about light fixtures until the end of the project. It can cost thousands of dollars to tear into new walls or ceilings when homeowners want to adjust lighting to complement their new design.
DIY Sweat equity can save you thousands of dollars. Even if you don't have any renovation experience, it's likely there is a lot of work you can do. Many homeowners can do the demolition work. A willingness to haul away the debris can save you thousands of dollars as well. Donate or recycle old cabinets and it won't cost you anything to get rid of them.
Find a contractor who can get deals Most contractors have the ability to get you a deal. Look for a contractor who can find deals on kitchen cabinets or flooring through relationships with retail stores. When you're buying expensive items, such as appliances and cabinets, it can lead to huge savings.
Expand into other rooms Consider extending your kitchen into the dining room or any other room adjacent to the kitchen. Laundry rooms are often next door to the kitchen. However, stackable washer and dryers make it so most homes don't require an entire room for laundry anymore. You'll save by repurposing the space you already have. If your kitchen needs just a bit more space, try creating a bay window. This may allow you to add an island or move the table just enough to make the room seem a lot bigger.
Don't move the plumbing By keeping the plumbing in the same spot, you could save at least a thousand dollars in costs. Try to plan your new kitchen in around the plumbing work whenever possible.
Consider efficiency options Consider how much room you'll actually need when you're using the space in the most efficient manner. Cabinets, pullout shelves, and pantries can be completely customized to suit your needs. Maximize the space and only add on what you know you're going to need.
About the Author: Amy Morin writes about psychology, business and home repair topics, such as how to install gutters.


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