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Halloween costumes at non-scary prices

If costume prices are scaring you away from a festive Halloween this year, there are ways to save money in the spooky department. Whether you have a creative side, a thrifty spirit, or a combination of the two, here are a few ways you and your little goblins and witches can spook the neighborhood without scaring off your hard-earned money.
Shop early or late Buying costumes in advance can save a surprising amount of money. Costumes usually hit the shelves around early September and there are also Halloween websites that sell costumes year round. As for procrastinators, buying last minute isn't necessarily a bad thing. Stores like to get rid of all Halloween merchandise before the big night, so discounts are everywhere – but the selection sparse.
Buy used Most kids and adults only wear costumes for one night. Check auction sites and classifieds for Halloween garb or visit your local thrift store when October rolls around.
DIY With just a few household items, dress your entire family for Halloween success. There are plenty of DIY Halloween websites devoted to costumes as well as spooky arts and crafts of all kinds. The best part is, making your own costumes can turn into a Halloween pastime that rivals pumpkin carving. Raid every closet in the house. Everything from old coats and hats to formal attire are great candidates for all sorts of costumes.
Costume swap Chances are your friends and family will be on the same witch hunt for Halloween costumes when October nears, so why not make it a money saving win-win by trading last year's costumes for new-to-you attire.  In fact, having a pre-Halloween costume swap party is the perfect way to get into the swing of the season.  Invite the neighborhood over, make sure they bring last year's costume, and let the trading begin – a money saver and a party all in one.
Face paints vs. masks One of the most expensive parts of any costume is the mask.
Luckily, face paints achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost. A good face paint set costs around $10 and, with an unlimited number of options, it'll last you year after year without ever painting the same ghoulish face twice.
Sell your old costume Used and secondhand Halloween costumes don't just appear out of nowhere - people sell them. It's a great way to get a little cash back from something worn once, and augment the budget for this year's purchase.
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