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Enchanting idea: fairy door

Along with Santa and the Easter Bunny, believing in fairies is just more one lovely thing about childhood. Tightwad loves this idea on Apartment Therapy, about creating a fairy door in your kids' room so fairies know they are welcome in your home - inspired by Jonathan Wright of Ann Arbor. Besides being uber sweet, here is another reason to consider getting a fairy door immediately:

"When I was little we had a cleaning fairy that would visit while we were gone and if the house was clean, she would leave us treats, and if the house was messy, she would leave of a tiny note telling us that she was disappointed that she couldn't leave us treats, but she would check back soon. That would leave us scurrying around the house cleaning up. We never knew when the cleaning fairy would come, but we always looked forward to her visits. ... I think it would be really fun to have a library fairy that leaves books related to things going on with your family (Christmas books or books about New York if you're headed there, or a book about the farm if you're headed there on a field trip, etc.)" - Stephanie Ford

Love it!


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