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Dial in for savings

Within the past twenty years, most North Americans have taken the leap from a landline phone to smartphone, which has led for increased competition in the market between cell phone companies. Although prices are declining, smartphones can be expensive. Save money on your smartphone. Here are some tips:   
Don't buy the newest phone When new phones enter the market, you'll pay top dollar. If you can wait a few months or a year, you can likely get the same phone for a lower price. Sometimes you can even get the phone for free.  Newer versions of phones usually hit the market within a matter of months. And newer versions don't always mean better. The screen size might be slightly different or it may offer a few different features, but the options don't usually justify paying up to several hundred dollars more. 
Shop around Although it makes sense to shop around for the price of the phone, it makes even more sense to shop around for phone plans. Figure out which plan will best meet your needs and check as many cell phone carriers as you can to compare prices. Make sure you get a big enough plan that you won't rack up fees by going over your minutes or data package, but don't buy unlimited everything if you really don't need it. 
Consider a family plan If family members are willing to share a phone plan with you, it can save you hundreds of dollars. Nothing says you have to be related to have a family plan either. If you've got a reliable friend or roommate who can be trusted to hold up their end of the bargain, consider going in on a family plan. 
Don’t pay for optional extras Many phone carriers push optional features that you may not need. Think twice about whether or not you need insurance or things such as detailed billing. You may not even need to pay for things like texting - purchase a free texting app. 
Make your phone pay for itself There are many ways you can get your phone to pay for itself. For example, download an app that will allow you to do some comparison-shopping on prices. You'll be able to save time and money going from store to store. Use your phone to research coupons. Most stores will accept a coupon directly from your smartphone. You may also save money when you don't need to buy separate devices.  For example, get a phone with a decent camera and you won't need to purchase a new one. You also might not need to purchase other gadgets like an MP3 player or an alarm clock when you use your smartphone. 
About the Author: Amy Morin writes about psychology, marketing and small business topics such as how to review reputation problems.


Jojo said...

Be practical. Avoid expensive gadgets. Aim for functionality. These are good ways to save.

David Smith said...

The phone need not be too expensive for as long as you can use the basic functions. Look for older models so you can cut down on purchase costs.

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