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Chew up savings on cereal

Do you love cereal? If so, you’ve probably noticed that cereal prices seem to keep on climbing. With per-box prices nearing (or exceeding) an appetite-suppressing $6 per box, many families are feeling the pinch. The good news is, though, you don't have to pay full price for your favorite breakfast foods. A little research and some legwork can land you major savings.
Understand sales cycles Most local and chain grocery stores have a six to eight week sales cycle.  That means that if you see a product on sale this week, it will likely go back on sale six to eight weeks from now. You can find our your store's sales cycle by watching sale prices and marking them on your calendar. Once you've got your store's sales cycle figured out, start saving! Stock up on what you need for those six to eight weeks, and pay less.
Check out generics When you're walking down the cereal aisle, don't ignore the bagged cereal section. Mostly packaged by MOM Brands (formerly Malt-O-Meal), these giant bags contain generic versions of your favorite brands, and save you 20 to 25% off national brand prices. Don’t just stick with MOM cereals; your local store may have its own generic version of your favorites.
Shop online As with just about any other product, sometimes your local stores just can't beat online competitors. You'll have to be willing to buy in bulk, but you can score some great discounts. Two places to look are (which has a large grocery selection, including cereals, with deals updating frequently), and the website, which also offers constantly updating cereal deals.
Strategic couponing Coupons can net you decent savings on cereal any time. But if you're also watching your store's sales cycle and use your coupons when prices are already at their lowest, you can maximize your savings. You may find some great coupons in your Sunday paper, but don't forget to look for store circulars. The websites of your favorite brands may offer printable coupons, and you may find websites dedicated to providing coupons (such as When checking out your coupon websites, don't forget to look for coupon codes that you can use at online vendors. Finding a great deal at Amazon, then applying a coupon code, can net you a huge savings over what you would have paid retail.
About the Author: Freelance blogger Angie Mansfield covers a variety of subjects for consumers and small business owners, including marketing, saving on groceries, and managing your onlinereputation.


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