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Saving at the wedding registry

Wedding registries have a history of giving invitees the heebie-jeebies due to how much many gifts can cost. With many people living together before tying the knot guests may wonder if the couples really need traditional wedding gifts. Items to furnish the home do not make much sense for couples that already have a house set up. Here are some tips to help newlyweds receive what they need and guests save money:
Gift card registries allow couples to register and list any stores they enjoy shopping in. Guests can then choose among the cards listed and choose the amount they would like to gift. The happy couple can then use the cards to purchase whatever they need or want. No guest need be embarrassed by the size of the gift or duplications.
More for less Couples aren't always comfortable listing some of the things they really want or need on registries because those things can be very expensive. Gift cards save money by eliminating shipping, gift-wrap, and even fuel for picking up gifts. Time is also saved, giving guests less to worry about. Couples can combine their gift cards to get those expensive items they really need without feeling as if any one guest put too much into the purchase.
Isn’t cheap a bad thing? Some feel as if purchasing cards are not personal enough. This isn't true; guests can present the cards in a special envelope, card or write a  letter. Any gift can be personalized and made special. The most important part of any present is that someone took the time to find the right thing. If that means seeking out the best card from the couple's favourite store or website, so be it. Guests do not have to stick to the list made by the couple; there are other places where gift cards can be purchased – spas, restaurants, websites and more.
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