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Salads - deconstructed!

Thank you to my friend Kim, also the inspiration for this post at Tightwad's Thrifty Tips Thursdays. Tightwad was at an impromptu get together dinner thing at Kim's just last week and within something like five minutes she'd thrown together a gorgeous platter of food. Turns out, she's a pro at making DIY salads, something she loves and her kids clamber for. 

To make Kim's salad, all you need is a large (rectangular works well) platter and salad makings. She made a salad nicoise, putting the haricot verts, tuna, halved hard boiled egg, halved grape tomatoes, kalamatas, halved baby potatoes, shredded chicken breast and bib lettuce (and maybe anchovies to stay true to the recipe) beside one another along the platter in rows, with salad dressing on the side. Kids can choose what they want and moms can sit back, like we did, sipping vino and dishing on the day. 

Turns out, Tightwad has been totally in the dark about this winning idea. Other salads this would work well for: cobb salad (avocado, bacon, blue cheese, romaine, shredded chicken breast, halved hard boiled eggs and grape tomatoes), or the makings for Greek salad or taco salad would be fun to try. Or, make up your own - artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, bib lettuce, radicchio... whatever's in the fridge with a lemon olive olive dressing will be an instant hit. 

What's great about this is that you can easily expand the recipe for a larger crowd. Kim, what's for dinner tonight?


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