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Pet boarding: ways to save

If you're a pet owner going away on a trip, one of the main arrangements you need to make is where your furry friend is going to stay until your return. Although some people opt to have a friend or family member watch their pet, that's not always an option. If you're in need of alternative accommodations, boarding is the best way to go. 
Professionals will care for your pet so you won't have to worry about your animal's safety. Not only will your pet be fed and watered, any special medications they require will be attended to. Additionally, your dog or cat will get the exercise they need each day to feel happy and healthy. While it's not difficult to see the benefits of choosing to board your animal, the main reason many pet owners don't consider is because they assume it's going to be expensive.  With travel expenses to deal with, it's normal to want to keep the rest of your expenditures as low.
Less expensive boarding for Fido In most areas in the US dog boarding starts at $35 a day. Although that may seem like a lot, it's definitely possible to get the professional care your dog deserves at a lower price. It's fairly common for boarding facilities to offer deals of up to 55% off through social deal websites. Take the time to get the rates of several different boarding facilities. This allows you to see the various pricing structures within the boarding industry. Once you crunch the numbers, you'll find that it's almost always best to avoid facilities that focus on adding extra fees for the majority of services that they offer. Additionally, it's generally best to bring your own dog food, treats and toys. While many facilities sell those items, they're usually sold at a significant mark-up. 
Less expensive boarding for Fifi The best way to reduce the cost of boarding a cat is to call one facility and get their lowest price. Then call another and ask if they can beat the other's price.  Doing this with several boarding locations should make it possible for you to drive down the total cost of your cat's accommodation. 
Don’t wait Don’t wait until the last minute to find boarding for your pet and you should be able to find a quality facility at a price that doesn't stress your budget. 
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