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Easy to stomach

Despite the frugality of ramen noodles and the convenience of on-campus dining, most students like to try the local cuisine, have a fast-food habit or just want to get off campus. But, as everyone knows, dining out can take a serious bite out of your budget.  
Here are some easy Tightwad tips to save in order to stomach your bill.
Stick to a budget Determine when you want to eat out every week and how much you want to spend, and withdraw that amount in cash.
Use Coupons 
If you failed to grab the college coupon book during your first week of class, no worries – download coupons online at or look for deals on local restaurant websites.  
Use your student card Don't leave home without your student ID. Many franchise restaurants or local joints near campus offer a student discount, but the savings vary by location.
Order for leftovers 
 Keep the “freshman fifteen” at bay by only eating half of what is on your plate and take the rest home to save for another meal.
Hit up happy hour
 Half-price drinks and appetizers can easily satisfy your dinner cravings.
Watch for specials Chain restaurants like Olive Garden often offer specials that yield a lot of food for less than individual prices – such as bottomless soups.
Daily deals 
Groupon and LivingSocial can be great money-saving tools – go with a group!
Stick to the entrée 
Water, an entrée. No appetizer, no booze. Your bill will be totally reasonable. 
Sign up
 Create a new email account just for for restaurant newsletters and receive new-member coupons as well as subsequent announcements and offers. 
Get a job! If you work part time in a restaurant one of the perks may be deeply discounted or free meals. 


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