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Cut hair care expenses

Monthly haircuts and the hair care products that follow can begin to trim away at your budget - especially when you consider dos for the entire family. Here are some tips to save: 
Coupons Do a little coupon hunting online or in the local paper before you head to the salon. If your salon has a mailing list, join it and get coupons sent directly to your inbox. 
Avoid the dryer Blow-drying your hair leads to split ends and split ends lead to visiting the hairdresser more often. Or, avoid the heat and get all the drying benefits of the air by using the cool setting on your blow dryer. 
Interim trims Many salons charge a flat rate regardless of the type of cut - even if it's just a trim. If all you need is a quarter inch trimmed, grab a friend and a mirror and try a little DIY hair care. Take your time, cut in small sections, and trim a little off at a time. 
Try a beauty school Salon and beauty schools are great places to get a inexpensive and sometimes free haircuts. The stylists are completely capable of giving you a professional haircut using salon grade equipment. Because stylists at beauty schools are monitored and graded for every cut they make, their attention to detail is second to none. 
Save on products If you have a certain conditioner or volumizer you use on a consistent basis, buy it in bulk and save. In addition, many salons and grocery stores have buy one, get one deals.
About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including personal health, clay hair products and hygiene.


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Coupons are my bestfriends. Trully a budget savers!

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