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All aboard!

Trains have a lot to offer to savvy travelers. A story published in the June 2013 issue of The Economist covered many of the silent but significant improvements that have been steadily made to trains over the last decade.  The article noted "better technologies are delivering everything from improved traction, braking and route-planning to sleek levitating trains designed to glide on air at an astounding 310 mph." It also noted that "energy-efficiency and safety are up, and derailments are down."
Another attraction is how affordable it is to travel by train – alone or in combination with another mode of transportation. For example, a Wisconsin writer found that instead of flying directly back to Milwaukee or Appleton, he could save between $500 and $1,650 by flying to Chicago and then taking an inexpensive train the rest of the way home.
The US isn't the only country where economic factors such as high gas prices are impacting how people decide to travel. According to the country's Office of National Statistics, two out three UK families are choosing to only travel within the country instead of going abroad. And when it comes to the most economical way to travel within the UK, the train is the big winner. For example, flying from London to Edinburgh costs twice as much as taking the same route by train. What's really impressive is not only is the train the significantly cheaper option, but at a trip time of just 4.5 hours, it's still quite fast.
Don’t let high gas prices deter you from travel – consider alternative ways to get to your destination and have room in your budget to splurge on a nice vacation dinner out!
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