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Moving on a budget

Moving is expensive – consider all of the factors leading up to and surrounding the actual move–apartment deposits, travel, new furniture, change of job, time off work… Here are some saving tips to help make the most of your moving budget. 
Secure a guaranteed price Some movers charge by the hour and some offer a binding estimate or flat rate based on inventory. Stay away from a company that only gives you non-binding estimates. Insist on one guaranteed price, in advance and in writing. 
Move on an “off” day: Movers are always busiest at the beginning and end of the month. Weekends are also busier than weekdays. If you have flexibility, a mid-week, mid-month move can save you hundreds of dollars. 
Don’t take “iffy” items: Moving is a good opportunity to clean house. Scrutinize your goods to make sure you want to bring them along. Reducing your cubic footage reduces your price. 
Book in advance If possible, book movers early. Moving companies price their moves based on availability. If you lock in your reservation early you have more leverage for negotiation.
Don’t underestimate the cost of packing materials Start packing well in advance – that way, you know whether or not you have all the materials you need. Grocery and liquor stores have boxes that they will give you; so next time you shop ask in the back to see what’s available.
Pack yourself Most movers offer a number of packing tips and sell all the materials you need. They can also help you estimate the number and types of boxes you need and deliver them a few days before the move. 
Keep your moving receipts Moving expenses are often deductible from federal income taxes. If you are moving because of a change in employment, you may be able to claim this deduction even if you do not itemize. 
Rally the troops For the price of beer and pizza, friends and family may help you pack and move... but don't forget you'll have to return the favour!


David S. @PBC said...

These are useful moving tips. Well, transferring on an off-day and doing all the packing by yourself is a good idea. You can save the money for more important things.

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