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A little something about blueberries

It's blueberry season and where Tightwad lives - south of Vancouver - that means lots of blueberries, in bulk. Did you know that these little powerhouses:
- Are among the highest anti-oxidant value fruits.
- Contain phyto-chemical compounds that help rid off harmful oxygen-derived free radicals from the body and thereby protect the human body against cancers, aging, degenerative diseases, and infections.
- Contain chlorogenic acid that lowers blood sugar levels and controls blood-glucose levels in type-II diabetes mellitus condition.
- Contain vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E and B-complex along with potassium, manganese, copper, iron and zinc.

Tightwad doesn't do too much fancy stuff with them besides eating them by the mittful, using them for smoothies and to top desserts - but upon closer inspection of these delicious sounding recipes things are going to change around here with what we do with blueberries. Blueberry pavlova, anyone?

The Domestic Mama and the Village Cook lemon blueberry tarts
Bird and Cleaver blueberry goat cheese bars
Sweet Pea's Kitchen firecracker popsicles
Culinary Couture blueberry galatte
Rock Recipes blueberry bbq sauce


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