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Saving on makeup

Women spend an average of $15,000 on makeup over their lifetime according to finance website Mint. Here are some tips to help keep your beauty budget in check.
Stick to what you need Most women purchase 2 to 3 times more makeup than they need or use, according to Vanity Fair. Create a shopping list and stick to it and consider if you really need that item.  Create a basic makeup kit that includes the items you consider to be essential. Avoid purchasing extras that you’ll rarely use. For example, do you really need eye shadow primer?  How often do you use a lip pencil? Avoid buying makeup for special occasions. Purchasing a ton of extra makeup because you want to look good for that wedding can mean money going to waste. Makeup has an expiration date so don’t purchase items you aren’t going to use on a regular basis.
Have a shopping list Perhaps you purchased something that had beautiful packaging but when you got home, you realized you didn’t really need it. Create a shopping list before you go to the store and stick to your list.
Sample before buying Just because lipstick and eyeshadow look pretty in the package doesn’t mean it will look good on your face. The professionals at the makeup counter can make you look great but don't feel like you have to buy everything they recommend. Try free samples first to make sure you’re going to like how the makeup is going to look before you buy.
Use every last drop Concealer and foundation that comes in a jar can make it difficult to get to the last drop. In fact, you might be throwing away about 25% of your purchase, according to Consumer Reports. Buy a spatula that helps you scrape everything out of the bottle. For less than $10, a spatula can help you save hundreds of dollars on your makeup.
Switch to a less expensive brand The less expensive brands may not have pretty packaging and might not be sold at high-end makeup counters, but often they’re very similar. Be willing to experiment. Switching just a few of your must-have items to less expensive brands can save you hundreds of dollars.
Shop online Do your homework to find promotion codes and discounts by checking out coupon websites. Use Ebates to get cash back for your online purchases as well.
Combine sales and coupons Look for sales at drugstores and big box stores then combine coupons with sales and you can get your makeup at a deep discount.
Each makeup purchase you make can add up over the course of your lifetime. Keep an open mind about money saving strategies and look for opportunities to save money without compromising your look.
About the Author: Amy Morin writes about psychology, business and successful business owners, such as Steve Wynn.


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