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Kick start savings on motorcycles

Most motorcycles cost a considerable amount of money - some are more expensive than cars.  It is essential that you spend some time looking for the best deals first before you buy. Here are some great tips to save.  
Make the right choice Look beyond selling price. Select a bike that offers good value for money and has a low cost of ownership. Buying a motorcycle with a high fuel economy rating will help you save money in the long run and significantly reduce your overall investment.  Another way to minimize your cost of ownership is to select a common motorcycle, which will be less expensive to repair because its parts are easily available and more affordable. Choose a bike that is less costly to insure. If you want to get a lower motorcycle insurance premium, avoid getting a sports or classic bike.
Comparison shop The price of a certain make and model of motorcycle can vary greatly from one motorcycle dealer to another. Compare prices offered by several dealers by going to a motorcycle trader website or motorcycle directory. When you are trying to determine which dealers offer the best deals consider the costs of their extended warranty plans, pre-paid maintenance plans and shipping service.  Some dealers may offer lower prices on the motorcycle, but they charge more for extended warranty or shipping. Find out the coverage periods of their extended warranty plans.  Make sure you compare all the costs and options before you decide which dealer to buy from.
Buy used A used motorcycle is not only cheaper; it costs less to insure. Purchase a used motorcycle from a dealer or a private seller through classified ads on the Internet or in newspapers or magazines.  To determine whether a private seller is offering a fair price, find out the current market value of the motorcycle and assess its condition. Finding a good deal on a motorcycle may require a lot of research but it’s worth the time and effort.
About the author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from motorcycles to bookkeeping.


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