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Frugal driving tips

Rising gas prices wreak havoc on budgets. Now you need new tires? And then car insurance premiums just increased. That car is a huge expense. From struggling to pay car payments to dipping into savings to cover repairs and maintenance, driving drains bank accounts. Minimize trips to the gas station and how often you fill up with these driving and car care tips.
Tire inflation Tires affect gas mileage, and poorly inflated tires can reduce your gas mileage. Tires inflated to the correct tire pressure can improve performance. Properly inflated tires grip the road better and don't wear out as quickly as under inflated tires.
- Increase your mileage by 3.3% by keeping tires inflated to proper pressure.
- Check your tire pressure regularly. A tire inflated to 35 pounds per square inch (psi) can lose up to one psi per month. Find the recommended psi level for your car in the vehicle owner's manual or ask an auto expert.
Install tires that promote better fuel economy. A set of cheap Goodyear tires made with fuel saving tread compound can save 2,600 miles worth of gas over the tires' lifetime, according to rolling resistance tires like Michelin Latitude Tour tires can improve fuel economy. Rubber creates less resistance against a paved surface on the road.
Driving tips Change your driving habits and see your mileage decrease. Aggressive driving pumps the accelerator pedal excessively. As a result, the door for jackrabbit starts and stops. Frequent and sudden acceleration and deceleration forces your engine to work harder and causing more gas consumption. How you apply the brake and the throttle can improve your fuel economy by 25% or higher, Frugal Driver notes. To avoid putting the pedal to the metal, visualize a delicate object, such as an egg or a sponge, between the bottom of the pedal and the floor. This will help train your foot to press gently on either pedal. You'll drive with the flow of traffic, rather than dictating it.
Hypermiling pointers Drivers go to extremes to maximize their fuel. Hypermiling is the driving tactic of reducing aggressive driving, regulating traffic patterns and anticipating stops at intersections and traffic lights.
- Fill up less with these hypermiling pointers:
- Plot out routes that have fewer stop signs and traffic lights
- Pick roads that are less traveled and drive in lanes that have less stop-and-go driving
- Clear out the junk in your trunk. A trunk filled with multiple objects adds a ton of extra weight and forces the engine to work harder when you drive.
- Find barriers from crosswinds, such as a tree or building. These winds can increase fuel consumption, according to Also, traveling in a corridor of traffic can offer aerodynamic benefits that require less fuel for your vehicle to maintain forward momentum.


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