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Saving on your kid's dental needs

Children need good dental care to avoid having oral problems as adults. Expenses for such medical care can be quite high if certain problems present, but there are ways to cut costs. Avoiding expensive procedures is one item high on the list for parents. Establish good dental habits now for a lifetime of benefits.
Avoidance While you might think that avoiding the dentist is a great way to end up needing dental work, the opposite is true.  By avoiding the dentist we mean – teach your children good oral care habits. Brushing after meals (at least twice a day), drinking water before bed instead of milk and cutting back on sugary snacks can help avoid costly dental work. Make toothbrushing fun by purchasing cool toothbrushes – there are ones on the market that even play music. Flavored toothpaste and mouthwash that shows kids where to brush by coloring ‘dirty’ spots make brushing more fun. Have your children drink more water. Tea can stain teeth and sugar can erode the enamel. Milk and juice, along with sugary drinks in ‘sippy cups’ have been connected to serious tooth destruction. Better oral care equals less trips to the dentist for cavities or even extractions.
Employer dental clubs Some employers offer ‘clubs’ where employees contribute a portion of their cheque to a dental fund. While this isn’t a discount the money can be pulled from the ‘club’, much like a Christmas club account, when dental emergencies arise. Not all employers have such clubs, but you can ask. If your employer doesn’t offer dental or medical ‘clubs’, ask if they would consider starting one. You may be able to organize one yourself.
Comparison shop As with any service, comparison shopping can save you money. Talk with friends and neighbors about dentists in your area. Who is affordable? Who does the best work? Who should be avoided at all cost?
Other ideas Some dentists run specials to entice new customers. These specials may include a free cleaning, a free exam or discounted care for a certain period of time. You may also be able to barter with your dentist. If you own a company or have a skill your dentist could use, you may be able to build a barter relationship - you never know.
Remember, you are in charge of who takes care of your children’s oral health. Your insurance provider usually offers information concerning dentists in your area. While they may not provide ratings, having a list of names will help you in your search.
About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on home issues like parenting, repairing gutters, home maintenance and groceries for less.


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