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Rental trucks: getting the right fit

Renting a moving truck can make moving a lot easier. But how do you know what size rental you need? There are a few things you need to consider before you sign the agreement and get the keys.
What sizes are available? Before you decide how big to go, you need to know how big trucks can come. Most rental trucks come in three general sizes: small, medium and large. Exact truck sizes depend on the company you use, but they'll be measured in cubic feet, with each size up giving you a bit more area.
Measure your biggest furniture to get an estimate of the size you'll need. If you're still in doubt, remember, overestimating is always better than underestimating.
How far are you going?  The distance you're traveling can make a big difference in what size rental truck you need. How much stuff are you going to need to haul at once? Are you going across town and able to make more than one trip? If so, a small or medium truck would be best. If you're moving far enough that multiple trips are difficult or out of the question entirely, then you'll need a truck that fits all of your stuff in one load. Determine distances, gas budget and a timetable to help decide on a truck size.
How big is your home?  When you start browsing somewhere like one of the Truck Rental Houston companies, consider what kind of home you're moving from. Bigger homes, as a general rule, mean bigger trucks. Single-family homes and townhouses just take more furniture to fill; not to mention that if you live in one, it probably means you have a family. More people equals more stuff to haul. Apartment and condo dwellers or single people can usually get away with small or medium trucks, while houses and families are almost certainly going to need a large one. Again, when in doubt, bigger is better.
How big is your furniture?  How much you have isn't the only consideration; how large your things are also a factor. That king-sized bed and sectional sofa are going to need a lot more space than a love seat and double bed. If you have a lot of over sized furniture, you're going to need a bigger truck. Organization plays a big part in how big a truck you need too; if your furniture is stack-able or sits flat against a wall, it may fit in a smaller truck.
Renting a moving truck can make changing homes a much smoother, simpler, and less stressful process. Just keep these simple tips in mind when you begin browsing rental companies, and you'll be sure to find the moving truck that fits your needs.


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