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Plug into savings on a new computer

Most of us can’t imagine a world with no Internet access and in reality; it’s kind of true. However, computers do not come cheap. Whether you are looking for a laptop or desktop for business or personal use, you are going to have to spend some money. Maybe you even want both, as they do both have their pros and cons.  Can you cut costs, but still get what you want? How do you decide which one to get? 
Laptop versus desktop Some people swear by their laptops – why would you get anything else? They have the capabilities of desktops but you can take them anywhere. However, it’s not always that cut and dry – take a look: 
Laptop If you are actually going to be taking it with you, it’s a good choice. If it’s going to stay home, maybe think desktop. With a laptop, what you see is what you get, no choices in screens, keyboards or the mouse. Even if you hook it to something else, it loses its “laptop” purposes. Laptops are easy to buy – you don’t have to buy pieces and parts. For those that like to move around their home, even if they’re not planning on taking it with them, it can be a good choice. The size is a pro and con – sure it takes up less space, but you usually have a smaller screen, which is a negative for some people.
Desktop They are bigger, take up more space and you can’t take them with you. They are also a little more difficult to buy than a laptop. For those who work with big graphics and want a bigger screen – go with the desktop. Desktops also allow room for more applications and people often find them easier and more comfortable to work on.
Now let’s talk price, and how to cut it… If you are solely looking at price, a PC desktop will be less than a comparable laptop. Laptops are more costly to repair if they need it as well, so from a price perspective – desktops could save you some money. Here are ways to get either for less.
Look for coupons and rebates Every so often, stores will offer coupons, rebates or sales. Look for these and take advantage. Be patient. Shop around and find the best deal and if you are set on shopping at a particular store – see if they’ll match the price. Also, some sellers offer tax-free days or student discounts, especially in the fall when lots of computers are being sold. 
Buy what you need Computers offer different things at different prices; figure out what you need and don’t overbuy. You can also save by purchasing one with pre-installed operating systems that keeps you from having to buy other software. 
Skip the warranty It’s tempting to know you are covered, but doesn’t it seem like something always goes wrong when the warranty runs out? Usually you get a manufacturer’s warranty, so skip the extended. If something does happen, the cost of repair may be less than the cost of the warranty anyway.
Ask about a floor model or returned computer Stores will often sell the floor model or one that has been opened and returned for a discounted price. This can be scary for some, but if you are brave enough, it can save quite a bit on either a desktop or laptop.
You know you need it but you hate spending the money.  Shop around, look for discounts, find out exactly what you want/need and remember, there are ways to save when buying a computer.
About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who covers a variety of topics including small business issues,, among which are bookkeeping and ways to save.


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