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Plan early for the holiday season

I am a procrastinator. Every year, the holidays sneak up (have you seen how fast this year is flying by?) and I'm stuck spending more money than necessary getting a Halloween costume at the last minute and paying full shipping price for my Christmas gifts in order to get them delivered on time. This year I promised myself I will start early to avoid the stress on my body and my pocket. I'm going to do it. How, you ask?
Canada Day and Fourth of July While just thinking of throwing a backyard BBQ makes you sweat you can be confident in the cooling solutions. Installing misters is an inexpensive and easy way to cool off the crowd during the dog days. Find deals on decorations, bulk food and drink when you plan ahead.
Halloween This summer blockbuster movies will hit the big screen and I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation. I also recall last year, when I really wanted to dress up as the ever-fierce Katniss Everdeen and at the last minute was faced with a choice to either pay over $70 for a costume or attempt to make one myself (not a good option!). Instead, I went to my Halloween party as a ghost ... and I was lucky because the white sheets at Target were almost sold out. At this time of year, though, if you visit online costume shops (don't wait until October), you can find up to 75% off characters we saw last year: "Ironman 3," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Star Trek Into Darkness" and my personal favorite "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Think ahead and you might even make money by winning the best costume contest at this year's Halloween party.
Christmas Yes, it's far away and seems silly to even be mentioning winter holidays at this time of year, but I have some advice for you. Begin putting money away now for your Christmas entertainment. If you have a little voice in your head reminding you about how nice it will be to have money for gifts, events and decorations, you might just live in a winter wonderland come December after all.
If you put $20 a week away starting now, you will have about $650 by the beginning of December, (give or take depending when you read this article.) This will allow you to get a new party dress or suit, buy tickets to the Nutcracker and get a few new glittery holiday decorations.


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