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Money saving tips for parents of twins

This note comes from a fellow father of twins, Mark, who shares three great money saving tips.
Get a double Snap n Go stroller His first tip is get a used double Snap-N-Go stroller. “It really is the best way to get started. You can find one easily and can resell it later for what you paid for it.”
Attend a mothers of multiples consignment sale Mark’s second tip is to join a mothers of multiples club and attend their consignment sale – a great resource for finding clothing, baby care and everything you could need for your twins. “We not only purchased much of what we initially needed, but also found a network of people who could offer advice on what to buy and what parenting multiples is all about.” In addition to getting great discounts on those items, as Mark mentioned, you can network with other people who are going through the same thing you are or are about to go through the same journey you are taking.
Find a local consignment shop You go into these stores and you see stuff and it looks brand new. Mark says, “We’ve continued to buy used clothing. We never fail to find high quality, gently used or unused items. While we occasionally splurge on special outfits, we found there is no need to buy all-new items, especially for everyday wear. We’ve also been able to trade in things as we no longer need them, for example, bathtubs, Bumbo seats, bouncers, etc.” Sometimes parents of babies get so many clothes, like with a baby shower, that they take stuff straight to the consignment shop and it’s still got the new labels on it. It’s definitely a great way to save money. As Mark mentioned, you can then recycle your clothes back through the consignment store after your kids are finished with them.


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