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Making a confident return to the workplace

Although it may feel as though you have never left “work”, a fear around returning to work after you’ve been a stay at home parent for a few years is the gap in the resume. If you have been away from work, a lot may have happening in the workplace. Some computer programs that you were well versed in may have changed or been replaced. Your contacts in the company may have moved on. The company you used to work for may not be hiring when you are ready to go back. Don't worry. There are things that you can do to keep you in the game. 
Keep up with professional development If you return to work having a relevant skill set will be a definite asset. Keep current on the latest software, learn to use the Internet effectively and take refresher courses. Consider taking continuing education courses that could directly apply to your potential future role.
Don’t be cutesy Describing yourself as a domestic goddess – though of course totally applicable – will not fly in the professional world. Be proud that you took the time off to raise your family. In your resume consider including something like: 2009-present: Stay-at home parent to three children.
Do something Try expanding on a hobby or tackling something new to you. You may find that these side projects are of interest to new employers; for example: blogging. 
Take a course Keep skills up to date, interact with other adults and get networking! 
Start an online or hard copy portfolio to showcase your talents and bring with you to interviews. Touch base with people you worked with in the past. 
Update your resume Having a resume ready to go is a good idea. 
Have a go to outfit for interviews. Yoga pants are not it.  
Take your return to work slowly, have a plan and proceed with confidence.


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