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Inexpensive day trip ideas

Ah, the summer. This is the time of year when people begin to look forward to vacations. Summer brings more time to spend doing things we enjoy. But… Sometimes we don't have the extra cash to go on extended vacations. Going on long drives can be expensive thanks to gas prices - unless you have a hybrid or fully electric car. What can you do to have fun this summer and get away from home?
Day trips A trip to the zoo, a trip to grandma's house, and going to the park for a day – all considered day trips. You don't need to go somewhere expensive to enjoy these quick mini-vacations – and they are often free. You don't have to stick with traditional planned trips. Something spur of the moment can happen anytime.
Local parks Spending a day at your local park can be an inexpensive way to spend quality time with your family. Quite a few parks are free for people to enjoy. You may need to spend a little extra on getting there, depending on how far your chosen park is from your home. Park trips can include a picnic, a free concert, or just a free form day of play. When people think 'park' they often think of a place where children play on playground equipment. Many parks local to your area may have nature displays, picnic tables, and more activities for adults or families. Some activities might be free and others low cost.
Become a tourist Tour your hometown! Visitor centres and tourism information can be a great way to start. Take a tourist bus, ride a bike or join in a historical walking tour. You can spend several days doing this with a different aspect of tourism for each day. Some tours are free and most are not expensive.
Get learning While it might seem odd to think of learning as a day trip, there are many free classes you can use as mini-vacation. Local home improvement stores, grocery stores and even colleges offer day classes. You'll be introduced to something you enjoy, such as cooking, woodworking or another language. These free introductory classes are designed to entice people to join more classes and are attractive in part because they aren’t expensive.
What are your summer fun plans?
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