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Honeymoon without going broke

You can have the spectacular honeymoon of your dreams, all on a budget. With these helpful tips you can stretch your budget and get everything you are looking for. 
Comparison shop airports While it may seem logical to fly out of the closest or largest airport, check around to see if a little driving can save you money. For example, New York's La Guardia Airport is more expensive on the same flight than going to Long Island and flying out of Islip. 
Package shop online Many flight and hotel sites will show you ticket prices or room rates, but they can also show you a package deal if you want to book both. These can save you money than buying separately, plus you can also take advantage of some more deals.
To maximize your savings, make sure you 1) Book that room/flight as far in advance as you can 2) Take flights that have a layover and/or 3) Take rooms that don't have scenic views. 
Do it off-season Check to see when the off-season is on the locales that you'd like to visit, as they may vary widely. By choosing to Destination Z in May rather than June could net you a hotel stay that is half price or even cheaper. 
Consider cruising Instead of flying to a locale, renting a car, paying for a hotel, forking out money for food and fun, consider taking a cruise. These cruises typically are all inclusive and you can do whatever you want for the price of a ticket. 
Cash in rewards Your credit cards and debit card may be tied to a reward program that can save you money.  Many times you can get free air travel or free upgrades with flier miles, or have "points" to turn in for things like free room rentals or car rentals. The more you can get from these reward programs, the less out of pocket you can pay. 
Start early If you start saving up points and miles when you get engaged, you may have a nice chunk of the honeymoon paid for by the time you take it. Always take enough time to research your options and create alternate scenarios to see what is going to net you the best deal.  Get your life together off to a romantic, and frugal, start with budget-friendly honeymoon ideas. 
About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on frugal living, social media and has news articles onthe web. 
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