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Fun ways to serve watermelon

Why stick with just the same old? Life's short - live it up! There are lots of fun fresh ways to serve this summer treat.
Fruit "fries" Cut into sticks and serve with a fruity yogurt for dipping
Watermelon "popsicle" Cut into a triangle and stick half a popsicle stick into a pre-cut slit in the centre of the rind, or blend up and put in popsicle forms to make your own. Lots of options here... could serve up a watermetini - Tightwad's new term for gin in your watermelon popsicle.
Appetizer Serve in cubes garnished with feta or ricotta finished with salt, olive oil and basil or orange zest
Words Stamp out letters and numbers with cookie cutters - great for kids' parties
Fruit salad bowl Slice a bit off the oblong part of the watermelon so it will stand firm, and make a lid on the top; or make a "basket" out of it. 
Grilled Give watermelon a smoky quality and intensified sweetness for a savoury dish combined with fresh mint, soft cheese, fennel, arugula ...
Kebobs More on the grilled theme; cut watermelon into cubes and grill with prawns and scallops drizzled with lemon, salt and olive oil - this could become your summer go-to!
Margarita or mojito Yep, a classic use of such a versatile fruit - and in Tightwad's opinion - one of the best. Pair with fresh mint, lime and some Patron. Salt rim, or?


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