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Behold: the hairdryer

Hairdryers are pretty handy for drying hair, that's a given. But there are a few other obvious - and not so obvious - uses to get double duty out of this hand held heating appliance. 
- defog your mirror defogger (okay obvious)
- speed up your mani - pedi
- adhesive loosen-er - a little heat on a band aid or other stickers loosens the adhesive, making removal easier
- after rainy walk shoe and boot dryer
- wrinkle smoother - use the dryer 12" away from plastic shower liners to get out creases
- wax off -  loosen candle wax off your dining table after a party
- cake frosting glosser 
- hard to reach dust buster
- crayon on wall removal ninja
- magic window thawer
- art tool!


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