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Wondering what to do with your tax refund?

Hurray it's tax refund season! The potential of a refund inspires three schools of thought: pay off credit cards and other expenses; save it; or splurge and buy those Louboutins you've been panting over! Here are some other options:
Personal and business development Successful people attend business and personal development seminars. If you want to see a positive return on your tax refund, invest it in self improvement such business seminars or mentoring programs. 
Start a business Millionaires are the largest buyer of personal services. Use your refund to start some sort of business as a service provider.  
Get fit and healthy Taking control of your health is the fastest route to success in all areas of your life. Invest in exercise equipment or a gym membership. You feel better and your new-found confidence will carry over into everything you do.  
Take that vacation Take time to slow thought processes down and elevate your consciousness to gain a fresh perspective.


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