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Top ways to save: cable

There's a revolution going on; quietly and sometimes, not so quietly.  People around the nation are cutting their cable bills. You've probably read quite a few articles on ways to save – but do any of the tips make sense?  Let's look at some of the top ways to save money on your cable bill.
Cut stations Premium stations can really add up. Most cable providers offer premium stations free for a limited time. This deal is usually limited to first time subscribers, new accounts, or during a promotion for the channel. Free channel weekends are one way of promoting a channel – these free days allow current cable subscribers to enjoy a premium channel in the hopes that they will upgrade their service. Imagine how surprised customers are when they go to pay their bill and find it has risen quite a bit. This is usually due to a customer forgetting to cancel their subscription to a premium channel after their free time has expired. To avoid this keep an eye on the free trial time. Don't let it run out before you've canceled. To avoid fees for premium channels – avoid them altogether. You can still watch movies by ordering them through Redbox, Netflix, or even on a pay per view basis.
Bundle people, bundle! Package deals or bundling services is a popular way to save money on cable. Not only will you save cash on the cable subscription, but you may also save on Internet and telephone bills. Most of the time a bundle of services is far cheaper than having each service as a stand-alone from various providers. Almost all customers bundle digital television and Internet services.
Be free of TV Did you know that you can save even more by cutting your subscription down to internet only? Thanks to companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Roku you can enjoy streaming television shows over the Internet. While many people tout this as an extreme way to save they forget one thing – you still need to pay for broadband Internet. In some areas this can cost over $50 per month. Don't let the hype fool you into believing you will have a cable bill of $10 or less. The only way your cable bill will be less is if your cable internet company has a basic service cost that is very low. Every company that offers streaming television has a subscription fee.
Roku sells the 'box', a device that is plugged into your modem (or accesses internet through wifi), Hulu is Internet based, and Netflix is Internet based. The last two have a monthly fee. Remember this is in addition to your Internet cost.
You absolutely cannot cut your cable or other Internet provider bill and still receive internet (legally). Unless your city offers free Internet you will still need an internet provider, preferably broadband.
About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on consumer and small business issues.


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