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Spending decisions: bridesmaid 101

You may be thrilled to be in the bridal party, but it’s a commitment that takes more than just showing up and looking good. After the dress, accessories, travel expenses, gifts… being a member of someone’s wedding party is expensive. Speak with your bride about any budget concerns immediately after accepting the position. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page with what they can afford. Then, ask for a few priorities to help figure out where you can save, and where you should spend.
The dress Most brides go to great lengths to pick out the perfect dress for the bridal party. It’s best to let her know any budget concerns or limitations as early as possible. This gives you more time to save and a little lead-time for any discounts or deals to pop up.
Shoes The shoes are less important than the dress, and if the bride has chosen a long dress you’ll barely see them. Hit up the sale racks and try to stick to $75 or less. Start looking early to purchase a pair of suitable shoes out of season and at a discount!
Hair Look good in the wedding photos. Leave your hair to the professionals.
Makeup This is a great place to compromise on budget. If the bride is bringing in a makeup person, see if you can order services a la carte. Think lashes people!
A nice cover up This is something you are going to use for a variety of formal events; invest now so it holds up later. Go for a shawl or pashmina in a neutral color to wear with an array of dresses. Stick to simple; avoid embellishments and fabrics that crease.  
Travel The travel expense is a great place to trim your budget. Does it make more sense for your budget to stay at the Best Western down the street from the wedding venue? Do it, because you’re barely going to be at your hotel room anyway!


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