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Simple budget friendly ideas for your party

With wedding season is just around the corner my eyes are open for great party ideas from the brides to be. Although many new ideas come from weddings they can easily be adapted for any kind of party. With that in mind here are some ideas to save money and still give your guests a memorable experience:
Finger foods One of the biggest party expenses is food, but it doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Try an appetizer party - lay out trays of finger food for guests and let them pick out what they like and keep the party going with mixing and mingling.
Eclectic dinnerware Shabby chic is cool. Forget matchy matchy. Almost anything can be thrown together and look great. Hit garage sales and thrift stores for fun dishware. Keeping to a theme such as color or shape instead of matching dinnerware will add another layer of interest to your party.
Minimalist décor Forget tons of bling. Instead, find a few key pieces you love to set the scene and then decorate with other affordable items. Even flower arrangements can work this way. Pick a flower that pops, like iris, and then pair with an inexpensive flower like carnations.
Just dessert Many people splurge on catered desserts when they can save tons by DIY. It is easy to make a cake and even box mixes can be spiced up for a trendy treat.
Lighting Lighting will set the tone for your party. From hanging lanterns to candles to spotlights and disco balls there is just something fun and cool when you add a light touch. Be creative with your party lighting. Floating candles in a pool or aquarium really stand out, as do tiki torches. Paper lanterns don’t have to hang. Instead use them as centerpieces with tea candles for a glowing table setting. Get creative with your lighting and make an impression without spending a bundle.
These are just a few suggestions for making your party a hit without breaking the bank. Remember that the most important part of any party is the people, so don’t sweat the small stuff and have fun!
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