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Sick of paying too much for medicine?

With or without insurance, prescription medicine can get incredibly expensive if you’re not careful. Most adults will take one prescription regularly at some point in their lives, with some elderly individuals taking multiple pills per day. Even for those with good insurance, prescription pills aren’t free. While you may be tempted to take pills every other day instead of daily, or skip out on some medications altogether, this is never a good idea. Instead, let’s look at some great ways to save on your prescription medication expenses. Surprisingly, there are many ways to save money on your prescription medications. Though it will take some effort, it will be well worth it in the long run. You’ll be able to continue taking your medicines and staying healthy all while saving money and living a lifestyle that you’re used to. Say goodbye to throwing away hundreds of dollars per month on your medications. 
Buy generic Let your doctor know that you would like to take a generic brand instead of the pricier name brand. You can’t really “shop around” for medicine since that involves switching doctors (another expense), so speak openly to yours. Your doctor wants to help you.
Speak to your insurance company Certain insurance companies cover some medicines more than others, even if they both treat the same illness. If you’re on heart medication, for example, call your insurer and ask which brands are covered more and ask your doctor for that one instead. 
Always ask for samples Doctors usually have samples of different drugs available. The benefit of this is you basically get your medicine for free for a week and you get to “test it out.” If you have any strange reactions or don’t like how it makes you feel, you can let your doctor know before purchasing it in bulk.
Internet coupons Did you know that most prescriptions have coupons available? Go online and do a search for the medicine you’re taking, followed by the word “coupon.” is a great tool to help you save money and get discounts.
Be sneaky In other words, ask your doctor if you can have your pill in double-strength form, then cut the pills in half and take the recommended dosage. Double-strength pills are not double the price, so you’re saving money by using this method.
Take care of yourself Make your health a priority. Most healthy individuals aren’t on any prescription medications; it’s typically people who are overweight, smokers or have high cholesterol. Gain control of your life by eating right and getting 30 minutes of exercise daily.
These changes will have a substantial impact on your health, and you’ll find yourself relying on fewer prescription drugs than in the past, plus you’ll feel great!
About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer covering topics on finance and health. She lives in Glendale, AZ with her family.


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