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Easy ways to lower your car insurance premium

Not sure how you can save on your insurance premium? There are some pretty straightforward tricks of the trade that you can use – and most don’t cost a penny. Take a look at these:
Get a black box This is otherwise known as telematics, and will give your insurer a plainer view of just how safely you, as an individual, drive. They’ll be able to monitor speed, times you drive, and how you handle your car. Do it all safely, and you’ll see your premium drop. Perfect for those drivers who find themselves in a costly bracket (e.g. younger, newer drivers).
Opt to do fewer miles Ever not been clear why your insurer asks you to estimate the mileage? Well, it’s because the more miles you do, the higher the odds are that you’ll have an accident. So – reduce your mileage and reduce the risk – and the cost. But don’t fake it, because this could land you in some serious trouble with the law.
Offer to stump up higher excess By increasing your voluntary and agreeing to pay more towards the cost of repairs in case of accident; you’ll receive a lower premium. However, on the other hand, don’t offer to pay too much  - be mindful of the actual value of your car.
Check how much the premium would be before buying Don’t buy a car blind – check out what everything costs - especially the insurance!
Protect your no-claims discount Insurers usually allow drivers to accrue five years—worth of no-claims discount before it hits a ceiling. However, that discount can be up to 90%, so for goodness sake, pay a little more to have it insured! And drivers beware: the definition of no-claims discount can vary massively from insurer to insurer, so make sure you go through all the small print.
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