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Camp fun without breaking the bank

Some adults consider their best childhood memories come from summer camps. Are you thinking about this for your own kiddos? You can  find affordable ones where your kids can have the time of their lives. Here are some tips: 
Research, research, research Internet can be your greatest camp finding tool. You can look according to location, specific activity or age group and narrow down according to price. Research through social media and ask your friends - no doubt you’ll get some good discussions going. 
Look for financial help Once you find a camp you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to ask about financial assistance if it’s a factor of whether your child can go. Many camps offer some assistance, whether solely based on finances or possible scholarship as well. It’s often best to apply early when looking at this because space will possibly be more limited. 
Discounts! Many camps offer discounts for different reasons; some offer early registration discounts or for siblings. If you pay upfront in full, sometimes they will give you a discount as well. If you register for the next year at the end of the season, discounts are often offered. It's another example where it can literally pay to ask the questions. 
Do day camps Day camps are often less costly than sleep away camps. You can find some fun and specific day camps, and many even offer options of staying the night or not. 
Budget throughout the year Don’t wait until it’s time to send in the deposit to think about the cost of camp. If it’s something important to your family, budget for camp throughout the year, then when the time comes to pay, it won’t be such a burden. 
Even if you can’t save all year, maybe set up something in January where you can put a little aside for the months leading up to camp. 
 With a little research, investigation and asking the right questions, you can probably find just the right camp for your child and your budget. Remember to get some references and your child can have that great and affordable summer camp experience. 
About the Author: Heather Legg is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics including budget friendly family activities and how to sell office furniture.


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According to me its true that best childhood memories come from summer camps. Thanks for sharing your views. It was nice & interesting article.

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