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Tightwad's fav house plant - the jade

Tightwad loves this plant for a number of reasons. It's hardy, robust and easy to take care of. It has a sculptural shape that's modern and lean, adding the perfect touch of colour to any room. Jades (Crassula ovata) are a gorgeous houseplant that can last for decades in the right environment. As a succulent, its thick fleshy leaves hold the moisture that it needs and its smooth round leaves symbolize vitality. Jades are known as a “lucky” or “money” plant in feng shui. They thrive in well draining soil in a sunny location but sheltered from the summer sun because it can get sunburned – which presents as browning on the leaves. Gradually introduce it to direct sunlight. Jades require water about once a month and less in the winter – its dormant period. Another perk of having a jade is that they are easy to propagate and start cuttings - cut a tip 2 or 3 inches long and place it in moist sand or cactus potting soil, or snip a cutting and leave it on a saucer to “heal” for a couple days before placing it about an inch deep in sandy soil that has been watered and drained. Roots will form in a couple of week. Re-pot jades when they become root bound.


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