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Saving on air travel

Experts predict yet another increase in flights costs for 2013. While airfare and lodging represent a large proportion of travel costs, there are a host of other expenses to consider.
Airport parking For long trips in particular there are affordable parking alternatives at your home airport, many who offer direct shuttle service with lower rates.
Rental cars Broaden your search when looking for rental cars. Use the Coupon Sherpa mobile app to save on rentals.
Passport services Trim the cost of your passport photo by taking it yourself. There are several guidelines associated with taking passport photos, available online. 
Checked baggage fees Fees for checked baggage cost vary depending on weight. Avoid this extra cost is to fly with airlines that offer complimentary checked bags.
Inflight wifi If your flight offers Internet access at 30,000 feet, you may be tempted to log on for work or chat with friends. Rates for this perk are about $8 per hour and can add up to nearly $30 during long flights. Before you take off, check to see if the Internet provider has any promotions or coupon codes.


Michelle said...

These are all great ways to save!

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing this useful article. I am an owner of a small business and I need to be online at any time during the flight.

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