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New go-to ingredient - cottage cheese

This past week Tightwad decided that cottage cheese was the hero of the diet world, and decided to buy two big containers of it. Her thoughtful husband, having heard her going on and on about cutting back and the attributes of cottage cheese, also bought a container of it home. There is was, three containers of cottage cheese. 

Today Tightwad took the bull by the horns. Using it as a "secret ingredient" she add it to these (albeit admittedly decidedly non diet items) rosemary cheddar scalloped potatoes and an oatmeal chocolate chip cranberry cookie recipe. The results? Awesome! The cottage cheese was absorbed in the scalloped potatoes giving a rich result, and gave the cookies a really nice, soft texture. Two down, one container left! Here are some surprising cottage cheese recipes:

What are your favourite ways to eat cottage cheese?


Fred said...

I love eating mine before bed and with chunks of pineapple! I always use it as a go to food because it fills you up so you don't crave!

Michelle said...

This all sounds like yummy ways to have cottage cheese! I barely ever have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm an old tightwad, and when you find a good deal on cottage cheese buy it regardless of the expiration, if you store it UPSIDE DOWN in the fridge, it will keep a very long time. We've bought cartons from the markdown for a 1.00, and kept them for I don't know how long, but one we opened and was still fresh had an expiration of a month back. You can do with large cartons of yogurt as well, I love the greek style, we found 3 cartons for 3.00 a while back, we always check the dairy markdown. It's a great protein source!

Gloria said...

Good recipe, but be careful diabet

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