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Need a water leak detection service?

Perhaps it was that water hose in the backyard, or the kitchen faucet doing that drip-drip-drip late at night. It could be worse and you've noticed wet sheet rock and mold in the bathroom. Whatever triggered it, you've noticed a water leak and you're wondering if you need a water leak detection service, especially in order to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars for potential water-damage repairs. According to the EPA, there are some stats and facts about water leaks that you shouldn't ignore, including:
- 10% of homes in the US have leaks that will go through 90+ gallons of water a day.
- What uses a trillion gallons of water? The cities of Chicago, Miami and LA combined in a year and the water leaks in all the American homes.
- If your shower head leaks at 10 drips a minute it's the equivalent of 60 dishwasher loads.
- Water leaks could fill your pool. Estimates are that the average US home wastes 10,000 gallons of water a year just in unresolved water leaks. 
Call sooner rather than later Water leaks are not something that should be taken lightly. Depending on their location, you face sheet rock damage, flooring or ceiling damage, and mold issues. Some of the most common water leaks result in some of the costliest repairs. For example, leaky bathroom fixtures can result in a monetary loss of nearly $11,000. Leaky appliances came in at a little over $13,000, while frozen pipes weighed in at an astonishing $36,500 on average. 
Replace rather than repair When should you call someone to replace your plumbing instead of just fixing it? If the fixes are just gaskets and seals, and your pipes are good and solid, you may not need this. Toilets and faucets wear over time, and you may decide to upgrade to the newer water-saver ones. An educated and experienced water leak detection service can tell you if your leak is an easy fix or serious enough to require replacement. 
Finding a reputable water leak service Word of mouth is a great way, as you hear real customer examples of their completed job. Another is by checking out the BBB ratings of those listed in your area, whether you do this online or by calling, you'll still be able to separate the more reputable services from those with complaints. Lastly, you can go online and research on local water leak detection services and read their testimonials.
Water leaks are typically seen as not a big deal unless a pipe bursts in the basement and floods everything. However, that slow bathroom faucet drip or the guest bathroom toilet that never stops running are equally important to fix. By fixing these little repairs, you may be saving yourself a great deal of money and keeping a small problem from turning into a bigger one. 
Tina Samuels writes on many home and business topics.


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