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Nail down an inexpensive roof

A new roof can cost thousands of dollars. And who wants to spend the money on that? You don’t even get to enjoy it like other kinds of home renovations. Unfortunately, damaged or aged roof can hurt the value of your home and cost more in the long run to repair. However, you can find some ways to do what you need to with your roof to keep it in good order, and still not break the bank. 
Think about the “when” There is an off-season for roofing. See how busy the companies are. If they are booked, you may want to wait until they aren’t so busy. Usually, the busiest time for roofers is in the sunnier, drier months, because they can’t work in the rain and the heat from the sun is good for setting the shingles. If you can hire a company at the beginning or end of the right season, you may be able to get a good deal.  
Negotiate Research before you contact any roofers. Learn what a reasonable price for your roof would be and use that as a bargaining tool using social media and roofing blogs/sites so you are familiar with the process and the cost. Once you have this information, you can do some bargaining. Many companies are willing to negotiate for your business. 
Look into group rates Roofers are often willing to offer group rates for a neighborhood; sometimes you don’t even need that many homeowners to make it work. Check around with your neighbors or HOA – if all your homes will built around the same time, others may be thinking of getting a new roof as well. 
Check into reusing any of your material Some of the metal work or flashing in your roof may be able to be reused - but don’t use it if it’s not up to par. 
Don’t skimp where it counts Don’t skimp on what’s important. Make sure you use a reputable, insured company. You also want to invest in good material– you don’t want to have to replace anything too soon.
Though a new roof isn’t glamorous, it is an investment in your home and you want to get the best one for the best price. 
Heather Legg is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics including frugal home renovations, family fun and roofing repair. 


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