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Got pipe trouble?

The beautifully simple technology of the tubular pipe is like the second cousin to the wheel. Pipes are perfect for conveying liquids, gases, powders and small solids. Modern technology would be completely defunct without pipes. The ancient Romans used sophisticated aqueducts and central heating based on a system of pipes. Nearly everything in your home is dependent on a pipe to get it there: the Internet, water, electricity, heat, ventilation. Without pipes, your house would be no more than a primitive structure of walls and a roof.
Despite their fundamental simplicity, it is pretty likely that you are not able to manage and repair your own pipes yourself, unless you are a trained plumber or builder who specialises in pipes. Common pipe materials, like lead and PVC, can mean chemicals in the water that are dangerous for juvenile health so it is worth having a plumber who knows his/her pipes come and analyse them. Most PVC chemicals are tightly bound in the plastic and therefore harmless, but they can occasionally leak; a plumber should be able to tell which ones are faulty. Pipes transport dangerous substances like gas and hot water and electrical cables. Gas is a great cost effective way to heat your home and power your stove, but in its naked form it's dangerous for human consumption and can be a hazard for infant lungs. Something like a gas leak can lead to a fire if undiagnosed, so if you suspect gas in your home it is highly advisable that you call a professional to make sure everything's as it should be. The same is true of a blocked drain. Don't wait until your sewage starts backing up and causing you and your family a health hazard. Deal with any suspected blockages immediately to save yourself time and money. If water is draining slowly or there is a bad odour, get onto it! Safe water pipes mean safe water, which will mean that your kids will be healthy. Fluoridation of town water, for example, means healthy adult teeth for young children and fewer dentist visits.


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