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Energy saving tips

No, this post isn't about relaxing on the couch and catching up on the latest episode of House of Cards - although that would be a good way to save energy - this is about saving energy around your home and at work - electrical energy. Tightwad's daughter's special chore is to go around the house on what we call "light patrol" in order to make sure that all of the lights are off in rooms we aren't using. This is all a win-win situation, since by doing this we are saving energy and doing our part for the environment. Here are some quick tips on how to save electrical energy around your home and office: 

Do a regular "light patrol"
Switch to energy efficient lighting, fixtures and outdoor lighting (LED)
Install lighting controls/adjust light levels
Use natural light/candles

Draftproof leaks (reducing heat loss in the winter and cool air loss in the summer)
Manage your thermostat (use the timer to maximize use in high traffic times)
Upgrade to energy efficient windows   
Shade your windows in hot weather/draw the blinds in cold weather
Maintain your heating system (clean ductwork)
Upgrade the efficiency of your heating system (furnace, fireplace)
Add or upgrade insulation
Plant shade trees to keep your house cool in the summer

Ensure full laundry and dish loads
Use cold water wash
Upgrade the efficiency of your water heater
Hang clothes to dry    

Reduce standby power use
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Buy green electronics
Use rechargeable batteries
Here are some useful sites to help you track energy use and save money:   
Tracking energy is a site that helps people understand and track their energy use - electric, gas and water usage. They also offer all of the rebates and incentives offered by your area government and utilities.
Saving money Sites like EnergyHelpline compare electricity prices. It is an independent price comparison service which provides consumers with fast, free and friendly advice on the best gas and electricity deal possible by comparing all major suppliers. Every month EnergyHelpline helps thousands of residences and businesses find better energy packages and lower their bills. They make the process entirely hassle free by switching your provider with a simple online form or by phone, and contacting your new supplier. 
Log on to your local energy provider's website. You will find ideas to help curb your energy consumption and good stuff about local rebate and savings programs. These could include a refrigerator buy-back program and rebates on new EnergyStar appliances. New online tools allow you to view your projected electricity cost and even compare your use to average daily temperature and similar homes nearby. Pretty cool! (yes, pun intended).
Knowing how and when you’re using electricity allows you to make changes to save energy and money.

What do you do to save energy?  


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