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Declutter your closet

When chaos greets you every time you open your closet, it can feel overwhelming and paralyzing. It can also leave you feeling like you have nothing to wear. Decluttering your closet may be a large undertaking, but the results will save your sanity. Here are some good reasons to tackle all of that clutter:  
Save money See if an article of clothing passes the test: Is it flattering? Does it fit you? Can it be repaired? Does it suite your lifestyle?  
Save time The average person wastes about 45 minutes a day searching for things. A key component to being organized is having a place for everything, including belts, accessories and jewelry to make things (mornings!) simpler.  
Make money There are many of sites and services that make it easy to find cash in your closet by selling your underutilized fashion. 
Let go Edit anything that you’re holding on to for sentimental reasons. Longing for your former figure and keeping clothes that don't fit clutter your closet. Declutter and move on. If you don’t wear something for six months, downsize it. If you didn’t wear it this season, will you wear it in a year?  
Less is more Owning more things brings with it anxiety about how to pay for and protect them. Less stuff, less need to organize!


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