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9 ways to save money on travel

Going on holiday can be a highly effective way to relax and recharge your batteries. Whether you are planning a holiday that lasts for several weeks or you just want to get away for the weekend, there are some smart things that you can do in order to reduce the cost of the experience, these tips are provided by Scott Winen.
Let value for money dictate your holiday plans If you have a flexible idea of how your holiday will turn out, you may end up saving money. Instead of deciding exactly where you want to go and when you want to arrive there, look around a number of websites in order to find the best deals that are being offered within the rough time frame that suits you. 
Spend some time getting a feel for airfare fluctuations There may a pattern to the prices offered by airlines, so it is worth researching the prices of flights on different days before you decide on the precise times and dates of your holiday. 
Be mindful of extra charges If you book a flight with a budget airline without looking too closely, you may find that you may need to pay extra for certain services (such as taking a suitcase). Before you settle on a particular airline, dig deeper into their policies if you want to stand a better chance of saving money. 
Avoid peak times You could save money on your holiday if you opt to travel at a less traditional time of year. For example, an autumn getaway to a European city might be a lot cheaper than a summer trip in terms of both transport and accommodation (though you may get to enjoy similarly pleasant weather). Some people also prefer to travel outside of peak times because there may be fewer tourists at the destination. 
Don’t discount destinations close to home Although you may want to go abroad, it is likely that there are some pleasant destinations not too far from where you live. For example, escaping to a cottage in the countryside may be cheaper than flying overseas, but it could be just as relaxing and beautiful. 
Consider ‘couch surfing’ If you are feeling adventurous and comfort is not your highest priority, you might want to look up some websites that advertise people who host visitors for free. However, for reasons of safety, note this particular way of saving money may not be such a good choice if you are traveling alone. 
Sign up for sites that list discounts relevant to your destination Utilizing sites like Groupon can help you to save money on activities and restaurants in the place that you plan to visit. 
Look into getting a train pass If you are going to be traveling by train at various points during your holiday, a train pass might allow you to conserve some cash. In order to find out which choice is the most sensible, make sure you compare the cost of a train pass to the cost of all the individual tickets you would buy. 
Rely on groceries at some points Thinking about taking non-perishable groceries on holiday, or opt to buy groceries from a shop close to the play you are staying. You may end up spending less as a result, because you will not need to eat at a restaurant three times a day. If you opt to rent a holiday flat with a kitchen, you can cook some of your own meals. Picking a hotel room with a fridge could also help you to save money by allowing you to store snacks and meals.


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