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10 ways to save on groceries

Coupons and reward cards Coupons are easy to find online and in-store. Spend a few minutes online and save in stores! See and to get started.
Keep it local Instead of buying big brand foods, consider buying food from the store itself. They are usually cheaper, especially when you can grab yourself a nice coupon.
Avoid impulse buys Write down a list of what you need and stick to it!
Buy fresh produce in season Check out your local farmers market to save money on fresh produce. See your weekly paper for markets in your area.
Careful at the meat counter! Buy chicken with the skin on and bones in - much cheaper!
Avoid temptation Do you really need that half-gallon of ice cream? Stick to your list. Just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you need it!
Buy generic You probably wont notice a difference. This also holds true with medication from the pharmacy. They contain the same ingredients, but cheaper.
Shop when you're full Most people buy extra food when they are hungry. Eat a small snack (or large meal!) at home before heading to the store.
Check final markdowns and clearance aisles. Day old bread is often discounted to a fraction of the price, along with yogurt that is nearly its expiry date.
Keep track of how much money is in your cart Bring a calculator with you. Set a budget. Add the price of every new item that you put in your cart to avoid going over your budget.
Saving money is definitely helpful. The tips above should guide you to better decisions and save more money!
Author: Sean Michael


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